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Coming to a field near you??

Date: Sun 5th August, 2012.

If you live in Angus, and have not seen this web-site before, read on -but then tell your neighbour!!

People are often surprised and upset when a wind turbine or, worse, a cluster of turbines appears in a field near their home. Current planning regulations do not require you to be notified when a farmer or landowner proposes to plant one of these devices near you, apart from an easily missed couple of lines of generally meaningless small-print in the weekly council notices. This web-site has been set up to give you the earliest possible warning about potential and actual applications, as well as those which have been approved, refused, or withdrawn. There is information about each planning application and advice on How to object.pdf

Remember this. If you do not object, it will be assumed that you agree with the application. Don't blame other people - if you can't be bothered to protest, the next 25 years are down to you!

Are you at risk from wind farms? Are there plans which you are not aware of? NB - this map applies to Angus turbines only and does not display operational turbines - we assume you are aware of them. Enter your postcode below to see what is planned.

Click on the 'MAPS' tab at top of page to see how many applications have been made in Angus, then click on the 'Scoping' tab to see how many more are thinking about it.

You may now, if you wish, add your comments about any of the articles on this site by using the green/white button at the foot of the article. If you have any problems using this web-site, please use the 'Contact' tab (above) to let us know.

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Bairds Malt applies for 77m turbine on edge of Arbroath

Date: Fri 9th January, 2015.

Planning application 14/01067/FULL for wind turbine close to caravan park, just 750m from the sea-shore.

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Glen Isla threatened with industrialisation.

Date: Fri 28th November, 2014.

Wind Prospect and EDF of France move to the next stage in ruining the beauty of the Angus Glens by submitting a planning application (14/00947/EIAM) for 14 wind turbines, each 115m (377ft), on Saddle Hill, north of Kilry.

crown of thorns

The proposed site is just to the east of Drumderg wind farm and would be highly visible across wide stretches of Strathmore, with turbines some 35m (111ft) taller than Ark Hill and taller than those at Drumderg!

People from around the Glens are united in their response to this latest threat to the Angus Glens and you can visit their website 'Glen Isla Against Turbines' by visiting http://www.glenislaagainstturbines.com.

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Finavon House - application for 67m turbine just below top of Finavon Hill

Date: Wed 8th October, 2014.

Another addition to the A90 Turbine Tourist Trail!!.

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Easter Balgillo Farm applies for 61m wind turbine

Date: Fri 22nd August, 2014.

Latest addition to the A90 turbine tourist trail!

Click on any turbine icon for more information.

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A90 Turbine Tourist Trail - Gateway to Angus!

Date: Sat 18th January, 2014.

Following the runaway success of the turbine touts in attracting tourists to the Angus coastal routes with their plans for huge turbines on every farm, we feel that the potential benefits of turbine tourism along the A90 should not be underestimated.

Leaving Dundee on the A90 it is clear how deprived are the Dundee residents. Not a turbine in site, apart from Michelin! It is only when clearing Powrie Brae that the benefits bestowed upon Angus become clear.

Use the '+ -' symbols on the left to change scale and the 'arrow' symbols (or click and drag) to travel round the map. Click on any turbine for more information.

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