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Coming to a field near you??

Date: Sun 5th August, 2012.

If you live in Angus, and have not seen this web-site before, read on -but then tell your neighbour!!

People are often surprised and upset when a wind turbine or, worse, a cluster of turbines appears in a field near their home. Current planning regulations do not require you to be notified when a farmer or landowner proposes to plant one of these devices near you, apart from an easily missed couple of lines of generally meaningless small-print in the weekly council notices. This web-site has been set up to give you the earliest possible warning about potential and actual applications, as well as those which have been approved, refused, or withdrawn. There is information about each planning application and advice on How to object.pdf

Click on the 'MAPS' tab at top of page to see how many applications have been made in Angus, then click on the 'Scoping' tab to see how many more are thinking about it.

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Barbed Necklace for Isla

Date: Thu 3rd April, 2014.

The proposal for a wind farm on Saddle Hill with 14 turbines straddling the Angus/Perth & Kinross boundary is the latest threat to Glen Isla.

As with so many wind farm applications, different names or locations are used at varous stages. In August 2013 a screening application 13/00786/EIASCO was made to Angus Council, naming 'Knockton Glen' as the proposed location for a wind farm consisting of 22 turbines of 125m in height. This application is still pending a decision.

Wind Prospect Developments (for EDF) have now submitted (24/03/14) a Planning Proposal of Application (PAC) for 'Black Hill', reference 14/00250/PAN, to both Angus and Perth & Kinross councils, giving notice of their intention to apply for planning permission and explaining what local consultation is proposed. The actual planning application may be made not less than twelve weeks after the PAC. A notice of this kind is required under Scottish planning regulations where a development is classified as 'major' or 'national'. In the case of wind turbines, a major development is one where the generating capacity is greater than 20MW.

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Yet another 77m turbine application

Date: Wed 6th November, 2013.

This time at Hillhead of Ascurry Farm near Cotton of Gask Wood.

Many of these applications are made without any consideration for the well-being of families living nearby. This photo gives a clear idea of the impact on a house at Ascurry. How would you like this in your face every day?

this is not a dandelion!
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Ingliston Farm, Eassie, applies for 77m wind turbine

Date: Tue 24th September, 2013.

widely visible on the edge of Vale of Strathmore

No visual impact?
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Tourists - Welcome to Angus!

Date: Wed 26th June, 2013.

Welcome to our new government inspired tourist attraction - the A92 Turbine Tourist Trail! New tourist experiences added whenever they appear.

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Angus not doing its share?

Date: Sun 19th May, 2013.

There are those, usually touting wind turbines around Scotland, who claim that Angus is not doing its fair share!

Turbine tout's heaven

Now the Scottish Government is adding to the racket and putting pressure on Angus Council. Just how many turbines are there at Holyrood or on Arthur's Seat?

Not quite sure what they (and not just the touts) mean by fair share - fair share of what?

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